Analysing the impact of abnormal loads when undertaking heavy transport projects
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Transport Consulting


Our Team of Transport Consulting professionals analyse the impact of abnormal loads, providing specialist route planning for undertaking heavy transport projects.

Collett’s in-house Transport Consulting Team provide detailed route access surveys, analysing proposed heavy transport routes to ensure the safe movement of abnormal loads.

With an expansive fleet of heavy transport equipment, and the detailed knowledge of our Consulting professionals, we can accurately plan each stage of your project, whether it be the delivery of wind turbine components or a 500 Tonne transformer nestled in our girder bridge trailer.

Specialist Reporting

We understand the behaviour of abnormal load vehicles and have the knowledge of transport regulations, environmental considerations and route planning requirements.

Once a route has been proposed, a test drive simulating the correct loaded dimensions can be used to assess the suitability.  Used predominantly for the wind energy industry, these test drives provide a detailed route analysis to highlight any route modifications required to enable the passage of the proposed vehicle and load.

Taking into account transport gradients, topography, street furniture and any other environmental factors specific to your project, our Team can ensure that your cargo will be delivered safely.

Swept Path Analysis

Swept Path Analysis

2D & 3D transport analysis reports to ensure safe execution of heavy transport projects.


Detailed route analysis highlighting modifications necessary for heavy transport projects.


Minimising the impact on the surrounding environment, on other road users and pedestrians.


Analysing horizontal and vertical alignments, weight and dimensional issues.


Identifying loading configurations and suitable routes for abnormal load projects.


Analysing a route’s topography and the impact of abnormal loads & heavy transport projects.

Abnormal Load Movements

For heavy transport projects, we routinely undertake these detailed planning exercises and specialist reports.  The provision of these allows us to identify the ideal route for your cargo.