Galloper Onshore Substation Transformer

Transformer SPMT Operations

Collett were tasked with providing transport logistics for a 180 Tonne transformer destined for the onshore substation. 

Originating in South Korea the super grid transformer, which measured an impressive 8.7m (L) x 4.9, (W) x 4.7m (H) arrived at the Port of Lowestoft. With the instruction of the project, on behalf of Hemisphere Freight Services, this provided a timescale in which plan, execute and complete the delivery.

A solution for transferring the transformer from the originating vessel to the specialist RoRo barge, the Terra Marique was devised. In collaboration Collett, Hemisphere Freight and Wynns engineered specialist calculations and technical drawings of the loaded cargo to confirm the transformer’s stability and safety whilst on board the vessel. On arrival in Lowestoft the vessel’s hydraulic roadway would provide the option of delivering onto varying quay heights enabling the approach during high tide.

Visual Route Inspections

Once in Lowestoft, and with the transformer loaded to our specialist girder bridge, the combination featured feature 20 axles with two tractor units in push/pull formation and an overall length of 70.5m. The route navigated the towns and villages of Lowestoft, Kessingland, Wrentham, Wangford, Blythburgh and Yoxford and required intricate planning and surveying to ensure the safe passage of the 70.5 (L) x 5.3 (W) x 4.8 (H) loaded vehicle.

Undertaking visual route inspections, Collett’s projects division surveyed the route in detail and identified several modifications which would be required to enable the loaded girder bridge to safely travel to its required destination. This included the removal of street signage, traffic lights and the trimming of foliage to guarantee the vehicle would over sail the landscape.

Utilising a 10 axle SPMT with hydraulic capabilities Collett boarded the Terra Marique to self-load the 180 Tonne transformer from its secured position. As the vessel dropped the hydraulic roadway Collett manoeuvred the cargo portside where it was positioned on stools to allow for assembly of the girder bridge.

Travelling under Special Order, and with both police and private escorts, the Collett team left the Port of Lowestoft. Destined for Leiston, the combination navigated country roads, several roundabouts and traversed two level crossings all at a maximum speed of 12mph throughout. With onlookers lining the streets keen to capture a glimpse of such a heavy transport project in progress the convoy meandered its way along the route arriving seven hours and several villages later at the construction site.

Girder Bridge Construction

Extensive Planning

Galloper Transformer SPMT

Throughout the extensive planning of the project our team also implemented detailed jacking & skidding stress and pressure simulations to analyse the skid track behaviour throughout the movement. Replicating the movement of the transformer across the 400 Tonne capacity jacking and skidding system allowed our team to check pressure, stresses and deformations across the track to ensure maximum safety.

Throughout the planning and execution of the project our Teams liaised directly with Hemisphere Freight Services, local councils and constabularies, Network Rail and marine transport specialists Robert Wynn & Sons to ensure the seamless delivery of the project from start to finish.