550 Tonne Payload Capacity 

Lincoln Collett GIrder Bridge

The new Scheuerle 550 Tonne capacity girder bridge has officially been unveiled and handed to its new owners, us!

Presented by Scheuerle and TII Group, the impressive 550 is not only extraordinary due to its 5.2 ratio between payload and deadweight but also due to its flexible modular combinations.

Today we are delighted to present a ‘ready for operation’ girder bridge which utilises the ratio of 5.2 between payload and deadweight.  However, if we omit the load distribution frame, as is common within the marketplace when calculating this figure, the factor becomes a currently unrivalled 6.6.   At the same time, the 550 is much more versatile than comparable products on the market and thus guarantees Collett a head start within the industry.

Bernd Schwengsbier, Managing Director of TTI Sales

Heavy Transformer Transport

This fantastic addition to the Collett fleet will initially be used for the transport of 350 Tonne transformers but has, at any time, the option to increase to a 550 Tonne full version with the installation of a second deck set.  The 550 offers several options for accommodating generators and transformers with different dimensions and supports. Through this, the 550 will enable us to to efficiently handle a vast range of different loads. 

In connection with the main beam, the load is placed on the top boom with brackets. As an alternative, load can be supported with additional load suspension gear with cross beams. The cargo can also be coupled directly to the supporting tips completely, without the main beam. Furthermore, the girder bridge can accommodate and lower the cargo without the use of cranes due to additional support chassis. 

The deck offers flexible fields of application with a length ranging from 29,200 mm up to 34,200 mm – adjusted to the required number of axle lines of the platform trailer combination and the size of the cargo. The loading width of the girder bridge can be continuously set from 3,450 mm up to 7,400 mm and thus be adapted to the width of the cargo. The vertical lifting of the deck in the load acceptance area is 1,650 mm.

Scheuerle 550 Tonne Girder Bridge