Collett’s Girder Bridge Heads to Holland

Collett heavy haulage using Scheuerle Girder Bridge

Collett’s 550 Tonne capacity girder bridge heads to Zeijerveen in Holland to transport two 250 Tonne transformers.

Working in partnership with Wagenborg Nedlift BV, our 550 Tonne capacity Girder Frame was used to transport two 250 Tonne transformers through the streets of Zeijerveen, Holland.

As a result of Holland’s vast waterway network, specialised equipment like the Girder Frame is uncommon as using inland vessels to transport breakbulk cargo is more efficient.

Zeijerveen Transformer Substation

Accompanying the Girder Bridge was two of the Collett Team to provide their expertise and knowledge. Prior to undertaking the operation, a member of the Collett Team carried out a test drive along the route to give approval.

Both transformers started their journey in Zagreb, Croatia and travelled over 1500 Kilometres across Europe through various rivers, however, the biggest challenge was still yet to come.

The route from the transhipment location to the Zeijerveen transformer substation was under 2 Kilometres long but the mammoth transformers had to navigate passage under the A28 motorway viaduct. With the viaduct measuring 4.60 metres high and the transformer having a loaded height of 4.52 metres, there was little room for negotiation.

Scheuerle Girder Bridge for Zeijerveen Transformer

67 Metre Combination

Collett's Girder Bridge Travels Overseas

Utilising a 350 Tonne crawler crane, the transformers were offloaded directly onto the Girder Bridge. With 10 axles on each side and a tractor unit on both ends, the load had a total transport combination length of 67 metres.

Late in the evening, the cargo set off towards the viaduct along the planned route. With centimetres to spare, the Girder Bridge moved slowly to ensure the safety of the transformer and the viaduct. Both transformers were successfully delivered to Zeijerveen substation and the task was complete.

Zeijerveen substation is currently being upgraded and modernised to meet the increasing electrical demand. The two new transformers will provide the power needed going forward in the future.