Road Transport Operator of the Year 2023 Award Winners!

Collett Road Transport Operator of the Year 2023 Award Winners

Collett are thrilled to announce we have won the Road Transport Operator of the Year Award at the Logistics UK 2023 Awards.

Our remarkable project involved the seamless delivery of 450 wind turbine components to the South Kyle Wind Farm. This achievement not only showcased our proficiency in handling intricate logistical projects but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Throughout the project’s duration, Collett successfully transported 50 Nordex N133 wind turbines. This encompassed the careful handling and transportation of 150 tower sections, 50 nacelles, 50 hubs, 50 drive trains, and 150 blades.


Complete wind turbine transport logistics

Utilising both the Port of Ayr and King George V Dock to store and handle components, the 450 components were safely delivered to the wind farm site located 5km to the East of Dalmellington, lying within both East Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway.

The heavier of the components, namely the 68 Tonne nacelles, 73 Tonne drive trains and the 63 Tonne hubs arrived at King George V Dock, with the lighter components, including the 18 Tonne blades and the 150 individual tower sections arriving at the Port of Ayr.

Throughout the entire project, Collett provided a dedicated Project Management Team to successfully handle all aspects of South Kyle Wind Farm, from the initial route surveys to the arrival of the components and through to final delivery.

Collett Delivers South Kyle Wind Farm Tower Section Component at Night