Visual Route Inspections

Identifying loading configurations and suitable routes for abnormal load projects
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Visual Route Inspections

Our visual route inspections begin with the undertaking of a desk-based study. Collett Transport Consulting will identify possible loading configurations based on our extensive knowledge and experience of abnormal load and heavy transport projects.

Our Transport Consulting visual route inspections identify the loading configurations for each abnormal load and the most suitable route, unless potential routes have already been identified by our client.

Visual Route Inspections
Ordnance Survey Grid Referencing

Gradients For Delivery

When undertaking visual route inspections our Transport Consulting Team consider gradients for delivery, supply Ordnance Survey grid referencing and provide a conclusion of the route(s) inspected.

Our full Transport Consulting service allows our Team to allows us to create preliminary transport journey, highlighting any problem areas or pinch points.

    Site Inspections

    Site Visits

    Our Team will carry out site visits to determine the feasibility of the identified heavy transport route(s) and to highlight any potential pinch points which could impact on the loaded vehicle.

    During the site survey the horizontal and vertical alignment of the routes will be assessed in relation to the abnormal load being transported.

    Mitigation Measures

    Where possible mitigation measures will be suggested along the identified route(s).  The extensive experience of heavy transport and abnormal load projects held by Collett Transport Consulting will be called upon to provide an in-depth route analysis.   We can identify the most suitable route and methods of transport, combating issues such as low bridges, crests, weight restrictions and width issues.  Both specialist and standard methods of heavy transport will be considered.

    Standard visual route inspections will highlight potential land-take & road widening requirements, ground clearance issues and head room restrictions.

    Route Analysis